What is a Media Kit and Why do you Need one?

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I am often asked “How do I land partnerships with brands?” While having a great email pitch is definitely step 1, you should also have a media kit included in every pitch email. A well put together media kit should be able to answer most of the basic questions¬† a brand might have regarding your business. Including the media kit in your introductory pitch email will cut down a lot of the back and fourth conversation. I have added numerous blogger + business media kits on my Pinterest if you need some inspiration.

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What to put in your Media Kit

A concise bio about you & your blog

  • Include what topics you write about
  • Include a professional photo of yourself
  • Include your brand logo
  • Include your contact information
  • Include how long you’ve been blogging

Let’s talk Numbers

  • Monthly Site views
  • Monthly Unique users
  • Reader Demographics- location, age, gender
  • Social media follower count

Previous Work

  • TOP brands you have worked with in the past
  • Published bodies of work
  • Featured in notable publications

Rate Card

  • Fee for a blog post + round of social media posts (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • Fee for 1 Instagram post
  • Fee for 1 Facebook post
  • Fee for 1 Pin
  • Fee for Instagram Story
  • Fee for Video (YouTube)
  • Fee for an event appearance (we know this can vary, so a rough estimate is fine)
  • Fee for Snapchat Story

Yay you’ve made it to the end! Now start sharing that media kit. Get ready to partner with your favorite brands & actually get paid for it.

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